May Read: The Saintly Buccaneer

Hey everyone! I am back with my May read, The Saintly Buccaneer by Gilbert Morris! I LOVE Gilbert Morris' House of Winslow series, and the first book in the series is my absolute favorite! (Don't get me started on fangirling over that book or I'll never get this review done.) This book, The Saintly Buccaneer, … Continue reading May Read: The Saintly Buccaneer

My New Year’s Resolution: Reading Challenge

Hello everyone! This will be an interesting post for me, as this is the first time I've ever made something called a "New Years Resolution". Usually I just don't do them because I'm so busy with other things, or I've already started doing what I want to do before the New Year. But now I've … Continue reading My New Year’s Resolution: Reading Challenge