Book Review: Resistance by Jaye L. Knight

Hey everyone! Welcome back! I've made a few minor changes around here, if you haven't noticed, so I hope the site is easier to navigate and the ways to connect with me are clearer. Anyways, to the post! I'm doing another special book review on book one of the Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight, … Continue reading Book Review: Resistance by Jaye L. Knight

September Read: Fields of Glory

Hey everyone! I'm back with my book review of the book I read for September, Fields of Glory by Gilbert Morris. Next month, I will be reading and reviewing it's sequel, so keep an eye out for that! taken from Goodreads The Synopsis (Taken from Goodreads) Two families--the Wakefields of nobility and the lower-class Morgans--are … Continue reading September Read: Fields of Glory

Fiction Books for Christian Readers

Hey everyone! Today I’m doing a unique post, gathering all the Christian books or books I’ve found appropriate for Christian audiences in accordance to Scripture. The Bible itself is literature, and it deals with different topics such as violence, sexuality, evil spirits and so on. So the following books that I have listed may deal … Continue reading Fiction Books for Christian Readers

Writing Tip: 8 Ideas to Overcoming Writer’s Block

Hey everyone! I apologize for missing a post last week. It was my birthday along with several other events, so it was rather chaotic and I was unable to get to it. However, for this week's post, I finally have another writing tip! These are ways that have worked for me or others in solving … Continue reading Writing Tip: 8 Ideas to Overcoming Writer’s Block